Interested in Becoming a Professional Photographer? Get Started Today With an Online Degree in Photography!

Interested in Becoming a Professional Photographer? Get Started Today With an Online Degree in Photography!

Finding paying work in the photography industry is undoubtedly very hard. There are many talented photographers out there which makes it hard to improve recognition for your own personal brand. While some may suggest trying multiple avenues until you find your niche, one of the easiest ways to break into the photography scene is to pursue a degree in photography!

What is a Photography Degree?

The photography field is broader than the basic family, wedding, and infant photography. The best way to explore this is by getting to learn the basics from professionals. An education in photography not only involves pictures, but also other related studies such as communication, journalism, art history, and business management, which suits those who intend to have a well balanced education.

While photography classes are available in multiple settings outside academia, most employers prefer hiring photographers with an official and formal college degree. Online photography classes are available from bachelor’s, associate, to master’s degree levels. Like other courses, pursuing a degree in photography comes with several benefits. Students get to learn new photography techniques, editing skills, and master various types of photography.

Reasons to Pursue an Online Photography Degree

You should consider studying photography for several reasons. Among them, include;

  • Photography needs a higher education – most professionals require some formal qualification to fill a job position. Therefore, taking an online degree in photography is also a sure way of securing your career as a photographer.
  • Provides more than practice – most photography amateurs believe that all they need is practice to perfect their talent. While this is true, it isn’t always the case. Photography is a wide field that goes beyond shooting a photo. Real study embodies the entire topic, incorporating the history, theory, technical aspects, and trends in the industry.
  • Learn business skills – success in photography requires more than photography skills. You should be business wise as well. 
  • Great for networking – taking a course in photography enables photographers to establish a network of photographers. You can team up with your classmates, lecturers, and others to extend your efforts beyond classwork.
  • More employment opportunities – regardless of whether you are a hobbyist, freelance, or already established photographer, a degree in photography equips you with professional skills, which are a recipe for professional activities.

Best Schools Offering Online Photography Degrees

Savannah College of Art and Design

The institution is among the most recognized schools in the U.S that offer incredible online degree programs, including a degree in photography[i]. The photography degree from the institution offers students unmatched opportunities to explore various areas of specialization in the discipline. The course costs $12,525 for undergraduate and $12,825 for graduate tuition. Fortunately, students can benefit from private, federal loans, and student scholarships.

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College offers several specialized degree courses for photography students[ii]. The course immerses students in various areas of photography, including business, creative, and technical aspects, providing a fulfilling education. Tuition fees range between $157.93 and $383.20 per hour. Similarly, private, federal, and scholarship opportunities apply. The college has minimal requirements and a high admission rate.

American Intercontinental University

The American Intercontinental University is another online institution offering degrees in media production[iii]. This equips students with unique skills and techniques in photography, editing, lighting, and the use of modern equipment. The school’s curriculum is updated to suit current industry standards, ensuring that graduates benefit the most.

Studying at the American Intercontinental University costs between $125 and $325. Applicants can send their applications online with attached GED transcripts and proof of English and math proficiency. The school has an acceptance rate of 100%.

University of Hartford

Studying at the University of Hartford is a great option for students who need a degree in photography while maintaining their ongoing careers[iv]. While the program is not entirely online, students spend approximately two weeks every semester and one week during summer at an off-campus location. After this, students learn and communicate with their professors through various online channels. The cost of a degree in photography from the institution varies.


Photography is increasingly becoming a popular sector globally. Some enthusiasts engage in photography as a hobby, while others pursue it full-time as a career. Regardless, finding good jobs in photography requires an understanding of the basics of photography and proper training. The introduction of online photography courses should make it easy to achieve these. Before enrolling for a photography degree, search widely to find an institution that meets your training needs.

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