5 Colleges That Offer Online Computer Programming Degrees

5 Colleges That Offer Online Computer Programming Degrees

If you’re looking for a skillset that is both highly versatile and highly in demand right now, then look no further than computer programming. Whether you want to work for a small business or a multinational corporation, the 21st century is dominated by those who can master the digital world. Computer programmers are the best place to take advantage of that opportunity.

It might seem like an intimidating field to get started in, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are 5 colleges that offer fully online degrees in computer programming. 

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What is Computer Programming?

Simply put, computer programming describes a way of giving instructions to computers on what it should do next[1]. The instructions, called codes, are written by computer programmers and enables a computer to perform specific tasks or solve problems. That said, computer programmers basically create a set of instructions through writing and testing codes, which enable computer applications and programs to run successfully.

Computer programmers write the codes in specialized languages that enable them to communicate with the computer and other systems to perform several tasks. Programmers use languages such as Python, Java, C++, SQL, PHP, and many more to build these programs. Programmers also test and check for errors in programs, debug systems, and fix errors.

Choosing an Online Computer Programming Degree

With the unlimited possibility of different computer programs, most students develop significant interests in various fields or computer languages. While it is encouraged to learn self-taught skills as well, studying computer programming can give you a head start towards your chosen career path.

Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 13% growth rate for computer programmers[2]. Experts can leverage their knowledge in designing computer systems and other related fields to great advantage. BLS also estimates that computer programmers make a median wage of $82,240 annually. These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider choosing this option as a career.

If you’ve decided to pursue a degree in computer programming, you can opt for on-campus or online studies. However, you should leverage the increasing presence of online courses, which can enable you to study computer programming without the hassle of physically attending class on campus. Below are some of the best schools that offer online degrees for computer programming.

Best Schools That Offer Computer Programming Online

The following are some of the best computer programming courses[3].

  1. West Governors University

The West Governors University is located around Salt Lake City, Utah. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accredits it and offers a bachelor’s degree in software development through a competency-based online course. This prepares the student for later careers in web development, computer programming, and software development. The program focuses on various practical applications of the course material, assuring that students learn what they will apply in their professional lives.

  1. Florida State University

Florida State University is among the great schools that students can study software engineering and computer programming online. The program from this university covers multiple programming languages, among them Java, HTML, and C++, among others. The online course also covers other topics, including hardware and computer science. What makes this a great study institution of choice is that students are assigned individual mentors who facilitate the student’s successful study.

  1. Bellevue University

Located in Eastern Nebraska, Bellevue University is another excellent place to study online computer programming. Besides being military friendly, the university offers affordable online degrees, specifically a B.S. degree in software development. With such training, students can develop, maintain, and design computer software for individuals and corporates.

The best part about this university is that online students pay the same amount of tuition fees, regardless of their place of residency and more. However, those with military affiliations receive some discounts.

  1. Champlain College

Champlain College is located in Burlington, accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, and offers several online courses. Among the online programs is the bachelor’s degree in software development, which is among the best programs in the university.

  1. Hodges University

Unlike other universities, Hodges University is an established nonprofit and international school that offers a plethora of affordable online courses. Working individuals and other students can sign up for a bachelors’ degree in software development to begin their career in computer programming. The online degree is offered entirely online through a self-paced format. Students can also opt to learn the degree in-person by attending the campus in Naples, Florida.

The Bottom Line

Typically, online courses in computer programming address operating systems, various troubleshooting techniques, computer algorithms, and networking. Since professional experience is essential in finding employment, most online computer programming degrees provide internship opportunities for students. Internships enable students to get some hands-on experience in various real work environments[4].

Before making your final decision, we encourage you to conduct extensive research. You won’t want to miss out on these amazing opportunities to learn valuable computer programming skills.

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